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Update on Peter


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Apr 27, 2014
Hi everyone just wanted to tell you how Peter is ,he has been in the home eighteen months now he seems happy in the home all though it broke my heart to do it ,I now know it was the best thing I could have done for him the home where he is cared for look after him so well . I still go every day to see him , can't help myself , sometimes I get down I miss him so much at home its very lonely and still seem to cry a lot .but I know you lady's and gentlemen have it worse than me I should stop feeling sorry for myself , but watching Peter go down so much just breaks my heart , I try to look happy every time I see him and I talk to all the other people if Peter is asleep witch is most days. The children tell me not to go but I need to even if he is asleep I hold is hand I want him to know I am there hugs to you all Christmas xxxxxx