update on Mum's "progress"


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Mar 9, 2004
I thought I'd post an update on my mum's progress. We're told that she's in the early stages of Alzheimers and we've accepted that she's not going to be cured, but there are a few positive things happening. She's living in her own home and the social worker and commununity psychiatric nurse have agreed she needs support there until she gets to the stage where she needs residential care.

She's going to day-care one day a week which she likes lots. Because I live a long way away most of our communication is by phone and the difference in Mum's conversation and motivation since she started day-care is very noticeable (her memory is still not great, but depression/lonliness must be a factor if I can hear the difference over the phone). A couple of days after her second session Mum could describe to me the whole route that the bus took on it's way to the centre, prior to that I'd be lucky if she could remember anything at all from two days ago. My sister checked with one of the staff and it was spot on, and it wasn't a route Mum would have been familiar with - "all around the houses to pick everyone up"!

She's also had some respite care at the same centre so she's had a proper assesment which social services seem to have really taken on board. She's on the waiting list for weekend daycare, which would be great as she seems most lonely then

One of Mum's problems was her diet. She wouldn't have meals on wheels because she said she didn't need to go shopping if she had the meals, but we knew she was living on cooked meat and sugary sweets - which led to severe aneamia. She now has a "friend" from Crossroads and they go to the local shop three times a week and cook a meal together at lunchtime. This is for a six/eight week initial period, but I hope it continues it's making such a difference to Mum. With the daycare that's at least 4 good meals a day, plus some proper social contact with people on a regular basis.

I know this is probably a temporary improvement in the situation but I thought it was worth posting some good news. My mum lives in Nottinghamshire, I don't know how their services compare to other areas but if you think they might help do ask about the services I've mentioned, they have been a real lifeline to my sister who bears the brunt of this as Mum's main carer.