Update on mum


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Apr 11, 2006
Beckenham Kent
Went to see mum after work. Managed to get her to take a bowl of soup and a cup of Ensure (food suppliment). She has lost more weight and unfortunately has developed a pressure sore on her back.

When she first went into the NH nearly two years ago, after spending nearly six months in hospital she had the most horrendous sore on her back (literally to the bone) and the home had been wonderful in treating it and it had finally gone. I think because she has become so thin and spends most of her time in bed her skin has split again.

I spoke to the wonderful sister on duty and asked her how long she thinks mum can go on, days, weeks, months. Obviously she doesn't know but I could see from her face that it probably isn't very long.

Mum knew I was there but there is no reaction to anything and no emotion at all. I feel drained when I leave and wonder what the next few days will bring.

Hope all are well. Take care. Love Sheila


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Sheila, I am so sorry to read the news about mum.

Even with the best attention sores can develope. Yes, skin so thin, no flesh over the bones, and lying in one place does not help. I am sure that the care home will soon have this under control. They did so well last time.

Don't ask yourself, or the staff 'how long'. Just make sure that you enjoy the time you have, and try to make each day a bonus. Not easy, but today may be your memories for tomorrow.

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