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Update on mum...

Kate P

Registered User
Jul 6, 2007
Hurrah and huzzah!!! :D :D :D

She's finally had the brain scan!!

It's strange to be calling this good news really but after four years of battling with mum and dad and lots of heartache and upset on both sides, I feel it's a monumental step - finally we're going to get real answers that will hopefully help my dad to accept what is happening.

Hopefully, we may also get some medication to calm her outbursts as the anti depressants aren't helping at all anymore.

We did as some of you advised and let the nurses take her in while we waited outside - I felt a bit weird about that, like we were abandoning her but it worked a treat as she still has some sense that certain people she has to be polite and defer to.

We also used the "setting a good example" card as my daughter is waiting for a brain scan as well and that seemed to sink in a little bit as well.

Well, we now wait for the results I guess - I mean the doctor has already told us it's demetia, I figure that the scan is to tell us what kind?

Anyway, thanks you all for your support - it means a lot.

Kate P


Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Well done Kate, another milestone achieved, and believe me, after what you`ve been through it is an achievement.

My husband refused his scan too, and another appointment had to be made, so I know how frustrating it has been for you.

I hope the results will come as quickly as possible, so if there is treatment, your mother can get it ASAP.

Now lets keep everything crossed for your daughter.

Love xx


Registered User
Apr 30, 2006
Hi Kate
Thats great news.....you must have felt so relieved afterwards.

let us know the results and let us know how your daughter gets on
Love xx


Registered User
Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Good news, Kate. Let's hope you get a diagnosis soon, and some meds for your mum. Let us know.

I hope all goes well for your daughter.



Registered User
Aug 9, 2007
Hi Kate

So glad that she did it. Soudnslike my Mum early on, would be polite to strangers but an absolute b***er to family (oh and physiotherapists!!!!!!)! Leaving her with nurses was the best move.

Hope that the results come through quickly and that it helps the family greatly to get the support and help you all need. It will be hard for your Dad but, perhaps with diagnosis, it will be easier for him to reconcile to whatever is.

Good luck to you and your daughter when her turn comes!




Registered User
Aug 4, 2007
Hi there have been really busy this last few days but made a point to come on and she what happened on Tue. with your mum - at least that is another hurdle crossed and hope you get the result soon. Keep us all posted. Will be thinking about you and your daughter as well. :)


Registered User
Apr 10, 2007
Vancouver Island, Canada
Hi Kate

I can sense your relief at having this done. Not to put a downer on things, but quite often with dementias the brain scans look normal until it's very far advanced. Ron was initially diagnosed as moderately demented, but the scans ( MRI and CT) both looked normal. The neurologist told us that this is very often the case - only a biopsy of tissue could really tell, and they don't do that. So even if the scan reads normal, it is important that the doctors get to the bottom of this as a medication could be helping your mom at this stage.


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