Update on Mum


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Jun 13, 2008
Not posted or been on here very much since the upgrade as the white background is too much for my eyes.

Things have been ticking over quite smoothly with mum in the home until about 10 days ago when mum complained that her mouth was sore.She wears dentures and the staff struggle to supervise her cleaning them- she says she can do them herself and can be a little bit fiesty.:rolleyes:
We went to visit on the Friday and she said her mouth was sore-On the Saturday morning she awoke with blood on her face and pillow and the doctor was called- he suspected a TIA and that she had bitten her tongue. She stopped eating on Friday and at this point was struggling to swallow water. On the Sunday she vomited and appeared to have a bug as now she was a little loose as well. Having not drank more than a few mls of water she was admitted to the hospital where we were told she has a mouth infection. However when we finally got to speak to the doctor- she suspects mum has ingested something caustic. This has caused some acute trauma to her kidneys- do not know if long lasting at the moment.

Mum kept a well known brand of tablets in her room to soak her teeth in. We believe she may have consumed a solution of this to soak her teeth in sometime between going to her room on Thursday night and Friday morning.
Until mum's mouth heals and she is drinking she cannot go back to her home. She has now been moved to a ward where I can take her grand daughter in to see her

Incidentally 70 % of calls to the National Poison Helpline is to do with teeth cleaning tablets and the ingestion of??
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Nov 28, 2005
Hello Julieann and thanks for updating us on Mum. Its frightening to hear what has happened to her re denture cleaning tablets and what a warning for carers both at home and in care homes.

I hope her mouth heals quickly and she can get back to her normal routine again.

Best wishes