Update on Mum and Dad


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire

As you probably know Mum is in the psyche assessment ward at the local hospital

Since admittance she is trying to remove her clothes, so is wearing a zip up the back, jump suit.

She has had a fall and has a thick lip and black eye, one side of her face is swollen.

My brother visited to-day and left after 5 mins, he could take no more.

He went to the day room, where Mum was sitting in a chair holding another patient's (male) hand.
When he tried to take her from the day room (because visitors aren't allowed to sit in there) he got her as far as the corridor, she threw a tantrum, screaming, shouting, hitting and pushing my brother trying to get back into the day room for "Daddy"
The Male patient she had been hand holding with said to my brother "I have to come with her, she is my family"

R----- couldn't deal with it and left.

I must admit, I can see some logic in the situation, she thinks every male is Dad, because Mum can no longer remember what he looks like, just male.

Like yesterday, when I visited there was a woman walking down the corridor, very nicely dressed, jacket and scarf, but unfortunately, naked on the bottom half, I took her to a nurse for help.

I can also see some logic in the above story, I can't remember if they have mirrors in the rooms, wards? But I,m sure they are not full length mirrors, so maybe the woman thought she was dressed, because she could only see the top half in the mirror?

However, Dad is looking good and rested and I think has regained a little weight. It took a while for him to recognise us to-day, I'm not really sure if he did, but he came to the coffee shop and had tea and cake, which I think he enjoyed.

See what tomorrow brings??

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
It`s heartbreaking Alfjess.

I can understand your brother being unable to take it. I used to be horrified when my mother undressed. This was a woman who was so modest, I had never seen her without clothes and when she lost her inhibitions, I felt I was intruding into her privacy, along with the rest of the world.

At least you have some peace of mind about your father.

Love xx


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Apr 15, 2007
Hello alfjess,
alfjess said:
See what tomorrow brings??
I hope tomorrow is more positive. Glad that your dad is picking up a little hope that things work out well and your poor mum can return to the care home.
alfjess said:
R----- couldn't deal with it and left.
My brother flew in from interstate to see mum at the care facility, he also couldn't deal with things and left. Take Care Taffy.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear alfjess

It must be so difficult to see your mum in such a state. I can understand your brother not being able to handle it, one o John's sons is the same -- he of the disastrous holiday! I think it must be harder for people who don't see them every day, as we do. We can learn to accept.

I'm glad your dad is better, and gaining weight, at least that's one positive to focus on.

Thinking of you today,