update on mam


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Jan 8, 2007
hi all, i usually come to tp in a panic with problems but after a year of ups and awful downs things are a little calmer (please don,t let me speak to soon). Mam went into assesment in january and into an emi nh in march, she became agitated and aggresive and they just couldn,t cope with her and she went back into assesment for five months where she was tried on many different drugs with some awful side effects. At one stage everything was removed from her room bar a mattress because of the agitation it was a terrible time. We were then told she would have to go to an esme unit for people with challenging behaviour, we were very upset at this and tried to fight the decision. She did however move three weeks ago and it is absolutely lovely not at all what we were expecting, the staff are wonderful with the residents. There is a homely feeling about the unit which maybe mam is responding to but she isnt nearly so agitated. It is early days and we have everything crossed that this period of calm lasts. Good wishes to you all over the coming weeks, x j.j


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Sep 10, 2005

Sorry to hear things have been fraught with your mum. It sounds horrendous. Am so pleased that things seem to have settled down. As you said, you never quite know with this illness which way it's going to turn, but am glad you and your mum have found a bit of 'calm' for now.

Best wishes to you too and keep posting - panic or not! :)


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi, j.j.

I'm so glad your mam is settling in her home. It sounds as if you've found a good one.

I hope things continue to go well. Keep in touch.