update on mam in her new care home


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Apr 16, 2008
just a little update on how mams getting on in her care home.
i have been every day to see her and apart from extreme boredom she's doing well, there doesnt seem to be anything going on for them most days, why cant they even put a disney film on for them, they have huge flat screen tv's with just the radio playing on it all day. but...theres lots of banter and kisses and cuddles for mam from a few of the staff, she spends more time with them than the other residents, i think maybe because most of the residents are further down the line than mam.
icouldnt make it to visit her todayso i rang her, she was sitting in the office with the manager, a regular thing, apparently waiting for a taxi because the home had rented her bed out to a man! i told her i would shout at them to sort it out for her and she was happy with that. i brought her home to stay with me at the begining of the week, she slept quite well even though the home already have her on sleeping pills because she isnt sleeping well, she used my bed and bath as a toilet but apart from that it was nice to have her with me. i had planned to keep her for the day but she got a bit worried about having the day off work without telling anyone, so i took her back rather than let her get stressed about it, she was clearly happy to be back and obviously feels safe. very reassuring for me, although it meant i didnt have an extra pair of hands for my decorating, it may have been a blessing in disguise as i can never find anything after she's been round :D
just want to reassure anyone again that if theyre at the point where the decision has to be made, its not all bad. where mam is, is a typical care home, high back chairs and a pong when you walk in the door, but the staff are lovely and mam is usually quite content and well looked after, im not happy that this is the way things are but im happy that she's safe and i try not to think of the sad things :(

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Well said oldsoulchild. :)
You are making the best of a situation you would prefer not to be in by highlighting the positives.


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Mar 25, 2009
Good for you Oldsoulchild! It sounds like your mum is settling in wonderfully.
My Dad's home have got a real bus shelter in the hall for residents to sit in when they want to go home. Staff take them cups of tea or even a picnic, and after a while they forget about whatever it is that upset them, and go back to the lounge!
It does sound like they could do with more activities. In the home where MIL was for a few weeks they put on DVDs of old musicals in the afternoon and most of the residents enjoyed singing along. That wouldn't cost too much or need a lot of staff input, or so you'd think?
Anyway, thanks for the update,
love Sue x


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Jul 19, 2009
It's good to hear your mam has settled there, you don't have to worry about that. But more activities would be good.
Sue, I love the idea of a bus stop in the care home, what a wonderful idea, love Pauline xx