Update on Dad


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Mar 8, 2008
Well Dad still in nursing home miles out of town:( However had a call from the one in town where we have his name on the waiting list to ask if he still wants to be on the list (oh yes please!!) and to let us know he is third on the list.It would be so much better for me as it is only about 5 mins away from where I work and only about 10mins drive from where I live.And I really think Dad would get better care.
I went to visit him yesterday and although he seems ok there a few things still bother me.....he get's himself dressed?! he could not manage that when he was at home and he ends up in all sorts of things like PJ bottoms.One of the care workers there yesterday was about 7 months pregnant...and I wondered what she would have done if my Dad who is unsteady on his feet would have had a fall.
They also seem to have sandwiches a lot for tea...I asked if this was the norm and was told yes whenever the cook wants to go home early:eek:
Also being diabetic he really feels the cold...everytime we go over his heating is turned down to nuber 2 and the windows are open. His bed had 1 sheet and 2 blankets despite us being told he could have 2 duvets...I have taken hime 2 over from his old flat:rolleyes:
The place in town so much better...they get a choice of food and I have even been invited to go with my Dad and have a meal when a place becomes available....keep your fingers crossed for me and Dad:)


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Jack

I hope a place comes up soon in the NH nearer you.

In the meantime, have you spoken to the manager about dressing your dad? If you ask to have it written into his care plan that he needs help with dressing, then they should do it.

Regarding sandwiches, have you asked if there is a choice? In John's home there are always sandwiches for tea, but there is also a cooked meal option. A lot of the residents actually prefer sandwiches, they've all had a good meal at lunchtime.

I think you need to have a session with the manager and get all your worries clarified, in case it's a while before another place comes up.


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Mar 27, 2008
Hello Jack

It must make things extra difficult having to travel so far to see your dad. Hopefully a place nearer home will come up soon which should improve things greatly for you. All that wasted time travelling!!!

Best wishes