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Update on Cardiff day of action!

Linda Mc

Registered User
Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
Well, after a very long and tiring day( we left home at 7am and got back 8pm) I think I CAN report it was a success. I met with my AM and two others and they were most supportive. One had recently lost a parent to this cruel disease.

My AM said the cheque campaign had had a startling effect and really made members sit up and take notice! He has asked for a question to be tabled in the Assembly and will keep me informed of any developments.

There was so much activity in the foyer on arrival my husband was bewildered so I left him sitting quietly with our grand daughter whilst I went to the conference room to speak with the AM's. My Am has offered to come and visit us at home so that he can meet my husband on an informal basis.

I haven't had much feedback on news reports except it was on S Wales TV but we are in the North and not home in time for the evening news but it was not reported on the 10pm!

I believe this was the largest protest they have had at the Assembly Building so that was a great boost to our campaign.

It was heartening to see so many people there we met up with three other ladies and I was able to tell them of the tremendous support on TP and one has already e mailed me to say she has registered!

I would have liked to have stayed longer to chat to others but the thought of getting a later train did not appeal!!