1. Willowgill

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    Mar 29, 2008
    South Yorkshire

    Don't know if you remember me but I joined a few weeks ago when we had taken the decision to have my parents assessed as we knew things were deteriorating with both their memories.

    Last week we had 2 CPN's visit - after a chat with us all one took my dad and husband into another room to do the test and I stayed with my mum while she had hers. Neither knew what the test was really for as we had just told them we were hoping to get some medication to help with their memory problems. It was all very relaxed and the nurses were very kind. Despite being prepared I was rather shocked that Mum didn't know what the date, season or year was. Neither did she know what county we live in but she did know we were in the UK. She managed to write a sentence and also copy the drawing she was presented with and in the end scored 20 out of 30 - a pretty good score apparently and I was told she would be eligible for the memory clinic. When dad came back in we were told he'd scored 16 which seemed pretty good considering and would also be eligible for the medication. We also set up the various visits for community care, an OT assessment for their needs in the house and benefit assessment so came away feeling things were not too bad although my husband was amazed dad had scored so highly as he couldn't answer any of the questions.

    Next day however I received a call from the nurse who had assessed dad. She had added his score up incorrectly and he hadn't achieved the required result for the medication. She is still putting him forward for the memory clinic as he can go with my mum and be assessed again there but it is unlikely he will be able to have the treatment. I had thought I was prepared prior to the visit for this news but it having had the high of the previous day this news really upset me.

    Can anyone tell me what the likelihood of him being given any medication is - he has no heart or vascular problems? I have just taken him to the doctors today for the results of his blood test and been told that his levels are fine and everything looks good for an 87 year old! However the doctor hadn't seen me arrive to pick him up only to find the pair of them dressed to the nines thinking I was taking them out for a trip somewhere :( I had to bring them round for tea so as not to disappoint them.

    We have had the visit today from the OT and have arranged for grab rails in the bathroom, a toilet frame and a rail outside the back door all of which will ease my mind about them falling, especially my mum who spins round like a whirling dirvish whenever she stands up losing her balance at every step! I have also been told they should both be getting attendance allowance so someone is going to come and see us about that too.

    At the end of the day I feel things are moving along ok but would like to know if anyone can tell me what the medication might do for my mum if she gets it, I know it doesn't cure and will only slow down the problem but does it actually help the memory to cope with the day to day stuff like where things are and how to use the tv remote?

    Sorry this has turned into an epistle! I realise how lucky we are compared to so many with this awful condition but it's still very worrying.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Skye

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    Aug 29, 2006
    SW Scotland
    Hi WG

    I'm sorry you had the disappointment over your dad's assessment. I honestly don't see how anyone could add it up wrong, it's pretty straightforward. I'd definitely ask to have him reassessed.

    According to NICE guidelines, medication can be prescribed for people with AD scoring between 10 and 20 on the mmse test. Ask for the specific scores when you go to memory clinic, the consultant should tell you.

    No-one can tell you the answer to this. Some people have dramatic improvement, in some there is a slowing of the rate of decline, and others simply cannot tolerate the medication at all. You simply have to try it, and hope that it works!

    Good luck,

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