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Update - I want to run away


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Feb 28, 2013
new zealand
I thought I would just let everyone know that the GP's "urgent" message to the Memory Clinic must have entered cyberspace as I have heard nothing from them. However, an old friend who works at Age Concern saw me driving through town last week and phoned to ask how things were (she had spoken to the local Alzheimers Society last year and saw us there). When I explained about the GP's missing message, she said leave it with her. The next day the Needs Assessor phoned and said that she had arranged extra respite days and also chased up the Daycare centre and they were now taking patients again and would be in touch as to when Lex would be attending.
BUT - see my post "Help, how do I handle this" and I feel that a reassessment will be in order:(:(