Up one minute Down the next !


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Apr 11, 2008
I am feeling totally drained, I have been to the solicitors today
on advice of doctor and hospital,and apparently i need POA WELFARE for Terry and a financial one for me in case anything happens to me and Terry is unable to cope

the cost of these two pieces of paper is £500!!

Last night i made a huge breakthrough with Terry, he has been on aricept for nearly three weeks and he is much more alert etc.so we talked over how we were going to deal with the future in regards POA and he was calm

So how come i feel as if i have been run over by a tractor, it is so hard asking family to be committed to a form which may in the future cause them so many problems
They are all so good but i hate asking for help
financially we are really struggling.not that i tell them of course

sorry to go on but it helps even if there is no answer,at least Terry is feeling happier which is aa amazing bonus
so i will quit whinging

thank you for listening


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Aug 9, 2007
Hi Jan

It feels like this when the enormity of this illness hits you.

As to the family, believe me, it will be better in the long term if you manage to put the POA into place for you both. It is safer and substantially less costly and will make matters a lot easier for your families in the future. If you sepak to CAB, if money is a problem, they may have some advice about how one can be drafted cheaply, or indeed if a proforma can be obtained.

At the moment making this decision probably makes you feel like you are accepting it by making this decision. The POA only needs signed now, it does not (at least in Scotland) need registered until such time as incapability means that it requires to be used.

Good luck