Unsettling Mum


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May 25, 2006
I like you have spent every christmas day with my mum
before I was married at home, then once married she came to me so last year I felt that It wouldnt be right to have christmas day without mum so I went at 11.00 to collect her we opened presents as usual with me, hubby and my son and daughter and then she said I want to go now I said you havn't had your dinner yet mum so she said well I will stop a bit longer then but can I go to my room so I took her to the spare room where she had a lie down. My brother sister-in-law nephew and niece arrived, we had christmas dinner (which mum obviously didn't enjoy) and then mum said I have had my dinner can I go now so I took her back. Was so sad I was in tears christmas night. So this year I have decided not to spoil christmas day for the rest of the family (as I know mum would not want this) and am going to have her for lunch on christmas eve
I have now learnt that she can not cope being away from her recognised surroundings for more than 2 hours and I am being selfish expecting her to do things as we always did