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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
I thought I'd start this thread because my dad totally amazed me yesterday, and I wonder if others have had similar experience. I'll try to keep the background to this short, because some people will have read it on other threads. Dad is 87 and has Lewy Body Dementia. Particularly the last week or so he's been very confused and out of it, hardly able to understand anything I've said to him. We've been over to his brother's house (70 miles away) a couple of times in the last fortnight because my uncle was very ill and then died and yesterday we went to the funeral. Dad had never been to his house before, because we usually all meet up at my aunt's house when we go over to visit.

So yesterday we pulled up at traffic lights near my uncle's house. They take a good while to change because it's a minor road going onto dual carriage way. Dad suddenly says " oh, we've been at these lights before ...... they take ages to change ...... think it was about a fortnight ago we were here last". I couldn't believe it! It was exactly 2 weeks before that we'd sat for ages at those lights. How on earth! :confused: :confused: How on earth has he remembered a set of traffic lights somewhere he's only ever been once before, and remembered how long they take to change ....... but when it comes to the most basic, apparently obvious things (like the fact that we're trying to put his slippers on), he can't seem to remember for 20 seconds :confused:


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Mar 7, 2004
You answered yourself Aine with your introductory "unpredictable". I do find that sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason for some of the things Lionel does, or remembers.

What is the saying "seize the moment", and just hope that you can enjoy many more. Theses things happen when you least expect them. Take care,


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Sep 16, 2005

It gives your heart a thrill when such moments happen doesn't it? Always feels a little bit bittersweet as well though because its like having them back for a few minutes and then losing them again...but I won't dwell on the down side here.

Just wanted to let you know that my Dad has done similar things, when he used to go into respite every 3-4 months he would always remember which room was his which proved to us he was still capable of learning things despite what the experts say. In the last few weeks I have been extremely confused as well because my dad has begun being able to sit down by himself again (i.e. bends his knees and lowers himself instead of having to be lent backwards with support into a chair) whereas he hasn't been able to do that for over 12 months, also he has begun going to the toilet when sat on a toilet again, whereas he has been completely incontinent for over 2 years!? He has also begun to appear to understand instructions better than he was a year ago and tries to communicate more too.

Its all very extraordinary and a sign I think that the doctors really have very little idea still of what this illness does. Has Dad's brain healed in some areas or has he begun using what is remaining to do things the dead parts of his brain used to do? I also find it very frustrating because its like watching someone drowning whilst being unable to swim oneself, so you can't rescue them no matter how much they are trying to stay above water level....I desperately want someone who can swim to help save my dad (i.e. someone with the knowledge like doctors, scientists) but no one like that wants to waste time on one man. Ahh I am rambling as usual.

All I really wanted to say is I am happy for you that you had your dad back at those traffic lights....here's to many more happy returns.;)


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Mar 13, 2006
hello all

not really the same thing, but when me and dad were leaving mum at the hospital tonight she said to him in a very loud voice in front of all the nurses
" you watch yourself with all them strippers" poor dad went beetroot and im left wondering what on earth my dad gets up too in his spare time:D


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Apr 20, 2006
lawnmower needed cleaning!

And my mum got the lawn mower out of the shed, upended it, unscrewed the blade, got the dustpan and brush and scraped and swept all the mashed up, dried up grass from the blade and underneath the mower. Her neighbour saw this and remarked she was being very industrious. " Yes" she said between gritted teeth "it drives me mad, Steve ( my bro) comes over, cuts the grass, and never thinks to clean the thing after. It makes me very cross!" This from a woman who has not cut the grass for over a year, since her diagnosis, despite often saying she'll do it soon, and clearly not being able to actually initiate the task. I'm amazed.