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Jun 17, 2006
Hi everyone! This may sound a bit odd but I'm looking for some advice on TVs. Mum lives in a sheltered accomodation flat and the woman upstairs loves to complain!!! She has complained about every person she lives near and now its my mum's turn.
The lady upstairs is complaining about the noise mum's tv makes. 90% of the time mum has the tv at a level that is reasonable but every so often it can be a tiny bit louder than it should be!! I dont really want her to use headphones as she may not hear the phone if I want to ring her and there's always the chance that she won't remember to put them on!!
What I was wondering was: does anyone know of a tv where you can put a limit on the volume so that I can stop it creeping up too loud?

Many thanks:)

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Mar 14, 2006
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Hiya Nickyromf .....

True to my signature- turn this the other way around - why are you looking for a solution to solve the problems of the 'woman upstairs'????? :)

It's lovely you've come up with one solution - but maybe it's not the right one for your mum ..... and maybe it's not the right solution for the 'woman upstairs' - unless she's really distressing you or your mum - you're giving her something to complain about - and if she's happy complaining .......??????:eek: ;)

Heat and noise rise, yeah? Ask her to swap ...... or, you stomp around her sheltered accommodation whilst she listen to any noise disturbance your mum may hear from below .......

If all else fails - ask her in to watch some TV ....... and see what volume level she feels comfortable with ....

Wardens and other residents can be a huge source of support - try talking to them too .....

Sorry to play maverick .... but sometimes it's needed ......

Best of luck, Love Karen, x


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Jul 2, 2006
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Hi Nickyromf

Oh the joys of living in a flat hey. Mum had the same problem in reverse when she was still at home. Whilst all other faculties were failing, mum can still here the grass grow, and the old chap upstairs, deaf as a post. Mum being a feisty lady would spend her evenings banging on her ceiling with a broom!!

So in the spirit of harmonious living, I went upstairs and broached the subject with him. I found out he was in the habit of turning off his hearing aid of an evening!! :eek: So nicely persuaded him to leave it in, then spent the next half hour running up and down the stairs listening to noise levels. When we got to a compromise, I asked him if I could mark his volume knob with Tipex. Harmony restored.:D

Best of luck.


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Apr 8, 2005
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What a fabulous solution! I love the mental picture of your mum pounding on the ceiling with a broom.

Since the woman upstairs has complained about every single person, it's obviously her favourite hobby. As Karen suggested, having the woman swop with your mother might work.

Do the woman upstairs also have cognitive difficulties? That always makes it so much hard.

Definitely talk to the warden & other residents so they know the problem is being addressed.



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Jun 27, 2006
I've been thinking about this. I assume that she's upping the volume using the remote control? 2 other options that occur to me: is she getting a little deaf? There are personal amplifiers that are available that hang round the neck, although this might be too complcated for her. Alternatively, if it is the remote control, could you not take it to pieces and cover the appropriate contacts with electrical tape (I'm always taking mine to pieces - somehow dog hair gets inside it) and set the volume on the TV correctly. Or would she try to circumnavigate this?

Generally, though, I have not found technology solutions terribly effective when it comes to someone with memory problems: one can end up spending a lot of money, and go through a lot of angst, and never solve the problem.