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Turning into a teenager. Again!!!


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Sep 11, 2017
Hello, my mum has Alzheimer s, and has been declining for some time. My sister's and I care for her daily, although according to her she rarely sees anyone. My dad passed 6years ago and they were a great couple. However my mum has turned back into a teenager. She flirts with men, thinks everyone fancies her. Gives out my phone number as her own (this is probably quite fortunate). I get so embarrassed, I have to walk away if we are out shopping (i do keep her in sight). She has been over heard to have very inappropriate conversation s with other men. This is not the mother i knew. We as a family see the funny side, as it's just a part of her core personality that she once controlled. It's like all the worst bits of someone emerging.
Will she continue as a teenager, or could we go further back?
I suppose I should be grateful she not smearing faeces, yet!!
Thanks for listening


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
When mum went to the memory clinic she flirted non stop with the doctor, telling him he could come back with her at any time :eek: I was mortified, but fortunately the doctor was highly amused.

Not everyone is quite so understanding, though. I have heard of people having business sized cards made up explaining that they have Alzheimers and to please forgive them, then handing out the cards discretely if someone gets upset or angry.


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Feb 27, 2018
My mother used to be like this pre-dementia and I was really worried it would get worse as the dementia meant she became more disinhibited, but actually I haven't seen her do it all - fortunately! Maybe I was just lucky and missed that phase. You ask if she will regress further, if my experience is anything to go by then yes she will. My mother has been in a care home for a year and I'd say she is now like a 3 year old.


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Jul 9, 2018
I think it is possible that your mum may go further back - my mum at the moment is like an irritating 5 year old. I know she can't help it but I sometimes wish the proverbial hole would open up and swallow me when she is in this mode. Sorry, not much help to you though