Turned my back and mum was gone!!!


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Jun 13, 2008
Just returned from taking mum-in -law to be out for lunch and to do some shopping. Popped into Boots- Mum was looking at something she needed to buy and while she was deciding what type of thing she wanted ( which can take an age) I literally nipped to the baby section grabbed 3 packs of baby cereal and returned and she was GONE!!!
With the help of 2 shop assistants we searched the shop but she was nowhere to be seen- I searched the precinct just outside but no joy- returned to the shop after having spoken to Ian(her son) telling him I had lost his mum and there she was paying for the goods. She looked pleased to see me but somehow I don't think she remembered that we had just had lunch together prior to going into Boots? Anyway we continued to buy 2 birthday cards for her sister (she couldn't decide which one was best) Neither will be posted on time despite numerous phone calls and we STILL haven't found the missing tartan address book so we will receive lots of calls for the correct address. At least she took her stick with her today although I nearly brought it home with me by accident as she had tucked it down the side of the seat!
All in all not a bad day- she probably won't remember it though.

Mum has had a security chain fitted to her door today which we want her to use- time will tell- she freely admitted to letting in "anyone" she sees waiting outside the front door to the flats even if they are not for her in front of the cleaner and some of the other residents. I nearly died at this as some of the other residents had already suspected her of letting a door-to-door salesman in a few weeks ago who was thrown out by the warden. I have suggested that the warden calls a meeting and drills it home to everyone that they only let in their own visitors and noone elses- Perhaps the door-to-door salesman has mum's errant elephant and she will get postcards from it's travels as he( the elephant) is still AWOL!!!

Hope all is okay in your world- as sure as eggs is eggs mum's world is fine- she was back in the comfort zone of her own flat. It's just ours that are up in the air!!!

Julie xxx
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May 22, 2007
It's an awful awful feeling .... panic sets in and I usually end up running around looking for my dad like a headless chicken. Then when I do find him, he tells me he's had a lovely walk !! :(



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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Hi Julie,

Yes it's awful when they go AWOL. At least you found your Mum-in-law pretty quickly and it sounds as though she didn't even realise she was lost!

All in all not a bad day- she probably won't remember it though.
Doesn't really matter if she remembers it, as long as she enjoyed the day at the time, and you remember it as one of the good times. :)


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Feb 17, 2006
Julie your post of your MIL reminds me of how my mother use to be in getting lost , when found after I ask a police man to help me find her , all she say was Oh he was good looking :D so Unaware of the stress she put me under .

Or they take her to the police station and a not so happy social worker would bring mum home .

Sounds like you handle it so well .


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Apr 16, 2008
Devon, England
Hi Julie
Know how you feel. Lost mum in Primark a few months ago. She waited while I queued up to pay for something then we headed out of the shop. Stupidly I went in front and assumed she was following. Outside I turned to say something to her - she'd disappeared. My first thought was 'what was she wearing' in case I had to describe her to the police. I eventually found her, still in Primark, heading towards the back of the shop. I'd turned right, she'd turned left.

Still no sign of the elephant then! If he's gone travelling and ends up in Thailand, I hope he goes to the fantastic elephant sanctury we went to and doesn't end up in one of those awful trekking camps with a hoard of tourists on his back.



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Mar 23, 2006
Hi Julie,

I found that i soon lost any inhibitions about drawing attention to us if Jim ever went walkabout ( he did quite regularly.) I ysed to stand and shout his name out loud ....it got me a few strange looks in marks and spencers but it usually worked I just kept calling his name until he found me again:eek::eek: