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Trying to get a place on FLM 2007 - Running for Alzheimers


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Aug 8, 2006
Hi everyone,

As part of my massive challenge to get up Mount Kilimanjaro, I am trying to get a place on the Flora London Marathon 2007, so I can run and raise funds for Alzheimers UK.

If anyone has run the marathon before and can offer advice, recommendations and support, I'd love to hear from you!




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Mar 13, 2006
hi javen

sorry no advice just wanted to wish you good luck in both challenges :)


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Aug 24, 2006
London UK
good luck

I did the FLM this year for Alzheimers and it was a cracking experience.
I very much hope to do it again for the same cause next year.
Good luck!

Jo Morgan

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Apr 24, 2006
Flora London Marathon 2007

Well Javen, Monkey and any other potential marathon runners out there now is the time to double your chances!

This year we hope to recruit our biggest Alzheimer’s Society Flora London Marathon team ever! To find out how to double your chances of gaining a place in this year’s most famous marathon, please visit
It could be the year for you!

If you have any question about taking part in this or any other event please just drop me an email at jmorgan@alzheimers.org.uk

Good luck with the training guys!