trying to find a way of keeping shop going to help support us


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Apr 26, 2006
i know down the line shop has to go floristy has been the one thing that has made me feel good about myself i for after 30 years of floristry now know i am a good florist
but i know shop will have to go it will hurt cos its for once in my life made me feel like i am good at somthing
i am trying to go on ebay to give us a bit of income when i have to pack up shop but i am finding it hard OLD brain
love bel x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Bel. That will be hard, to have to give your shop up.
Does your husband go with you or does he stay at home by himself?
You may be a good Florist Bel, but it is definitely not the ONLY thing you are good at.
Hang on as long as you can. It will be a wrench. Love Sylvia x


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Jun 27, 2006
Bel, does the shop have to go because you can't deal with it and your husband? Or it it other things? Because if it was the former, might there be other options? As Sylvia said, we KNOW you're good at other things - I just hate to think of you losing your business unless there's a really good reason.



Nutty Nan

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Nov 2, 2003
Please try and speak to CPN or Social Services before you give up on your shop: I always promised myself that if necessary, I would give up work to look after my husband. Everyone I mentioned it to advised me to re-think, including our GP.
I have to admit that Social Services did not exactly jump to it when I did ask for help, but eventually, they provided carers to help my husband with lunch, and this has since been increased as he is much more dependent.
I often feel guilty for not being here 24/7, but I also know that this is a much better compromise, as I am 100% committed to his care when I am at home, but I still get the satisfaction of a job that challenges me in a different way - and of course the contact with the outside world, which can dwindle quickly if and when you become a full-time carer.
You are such a star: your needs are important, too, you know!!


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Dec 1, 2006
Keep the shop!

Hello Bel, Oh no! Try not to let the shop go! Couldn't you get some help in the shop so that you are freed up a bit? Give your input part-time or something? I strongly agree with Jennifer and Nutty Nan. And I am even more sure that the shop is important because I started working in a shop myself at the beginning of December and it is really good for me. (After inital horrors with the till and hordes of kids that is!) It's taking my mind off things, giving me proper contact with the outside world and even stimulating me too. And it is close to my mum's NH so I can pop round in my lunch hour if time permits and very easily after work. Can't say the money will buy me many cruises, or even busrides , come to think of it, but the work is just stopping me from going over the brink, it really is.. ( together with TP, natch).

And my job isn't very skilled, like yours. Mine is just selling tat. Nothing uplifting like floristry, but it stills gives me pleasure. It would be such a shame to let those skills of yours slide. Aaaargh!

Or could you perhaps use your floristry skills in another shop? Your life is VERY important and keeping up an outside occupation, will actually help you to cope and to care more easily. Promise! What about voluntary work? How would that sound? If you give everything to AD, it will absorb everything you give. AD doesn't give much back.
Best wishes, Deborah


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May 14, 2006
Dear Bel,
Please try not to give up your shop if you can help it. Maybe you could take on an assistant or an apprentice to help you. Floristry is an art and a very skilled occupation and I like many others can only put flowers in a vase, not arrange them artistically.
If you do need to give up your shop, you could still be a florist in another shop or even teach floristry at Adult Education Classes, at College or privately for flower arranging groups.
You must have a great many skills to be able to run a shop, including book-keeping and organisational skills, but perhaps you haven't got the certificates to prove what you can do. Don't underestimate yourself!
There are free, Government funded courses to improve Maths and English, available from "Skills Plus" on 0845 606 5606.
A variety of courses, many on-line can also be obtained from "Learn Direct" or 08080 200 800. These may be free or cheaper than similar courses offered elsewhere.
"Connexions" will also arrange interviews to help people choose new careers or courses to improve their qualifications, but I don't have their National telephone number.
I hope you carry on in floristry because I really admire anyone who can create a beautiful flower arrangement. Good luck!
Best wishes,


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Apr 26, 2006
giving up shop

thanks all
it is the last thing i want to do but as social worker said you can not bury your head in the sand it will come we live above shop had to sell house cos hubby could no longer work 2 flights of stupid turning stairs
it seems with hubbys type of dementia frontal lobe it can be very quick in going down and it is at the moment he still is able to go out for a few hours a day with his friend but the rest of the time he is with me in shop he has always helped me in shop so i could not send him up to flat --i would be worried any way they say we can have 6 hours care for him when we are ready How can i run a bussiness like that although i do a good trade and have an awful lot of regulars it is a back street shop i can only afford a driver and still make enough proffitt for us to live comfortable i have asked about teaching floristry but is only one day or a few hours at night then its getting some one to be with hubby at those times i have talked to hubby about this as we always talked i just have to pick my moment now he agrees flowers are me my thumbs are bad with arthritus so if i could sell silk arrangements on ebay when i need to close shop i am still doing the one thing in my life i know i am good at and be with him and help support us love bel xx

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Bel. That seems a great idea, selling silk arrangements.
You have really highlighted the extra problems faced by people who aren`t yet pensionable age. They still need to provide an income.
I hope you have the time to make the right decision. Love Sylvia x


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hello Bel

What a difficult decision for you to have to make.

I think you should think carefully about teaching floristry. You obviously have all the skills you need. Even if you could only get two evenings a week, your six hours of respite care would cover it, and it's very well paid.

You could still make flower arrangements during the day to sell on e-bay.



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Nov 28, 2005
Hi Bel - if and when you go on Ebay please send me a private message to help me identify you on that site (what section and your 'name') - I think I would enjoy having a dry flower arrangement as I no longer have so much time in attending to plants.

It is sad if you have to give up the shop as it gives you contact with the outside world - you need that too. So if you do go onto the Ebay thing make sure you still see people and friends - to keep you going.

Best wishes with whatever you do Beckyjan


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Mar 7, 2004
Bel, wshing you well in the new venture (if that is the diection you decide to go).

I would love to have your flair with flowers........really mean that.

This is the best I can do.



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Apr 26, 2006
Thanks a millon again all

It does my heart good to here your thoughts and also to be able to talk to people who really understand
So many wise words things i have not thought of i know cos i am too close to our problem BUT THANKS big time
social worker is comming Monday i will talk to her But she has visited 3 times in 2 years very nice but does not follow through on things i asked visiting lady on hubbys team could we have another social worker she said no she is the only one they have on the program i dont want to make a fuss but ---
i am too soft thanks to you all i will
state my point and get my strong head on
love and thanks to all
bel x