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Trimethoprim &UTI


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Feb 4, 2013
Dads gone from bad to worse, just getting over a chest infection and now a UTI, he's been prescribed Trimethoprim liquid formula but he is just refusing liquid and food. He's really struggling to swallow now does anyone know how long it takes for the Trimethoprim to start kicking in and is there any come back from this set back. I'm not expecting a miracle but the family are at an all time low we all know there is no cure but there must be some light at the end of this really dark tunnel.

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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
"...how long it takes for the Trimethoprim to start kicking in and is there any come back from this set back..."

If infection is susceptible 2 to 3 days but complete the course.
Recovery can be slow and may not be complete.


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Jan 20, 2014
I have had it myself and it starts to work within about 24 to 36 hours BUT you need to take all three days to get it completely gone and often the three day course isn't enough and they have to continue onto a 7 day course. Also not always the first antibiotic tried works on a uti so he may have to go onto a different one.

I am sorry for your situation, it may partly be delirium from the uti which is making him stop eating and drinking? I would make sure you keep talking to the doctor about what is happening.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
I've been given this a few times as a five day course for a UTIs and usually have to have another course of a different antibiotic, though I do feel much better after 3 days, it doesn't seem to clear it completely.