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Trial Drug for Alzheimers


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Dec 15, 2006
Is anyone else on the trial drug that we were offered. I cannot remember the name as it is so long.. the thing is that the capsules contain "bright blue" colouring which turns the urine of the person taking the capsule "bright blue". Now my husband has lost most of his spacial awareness so his aim is not brilliant... need I say more. I have blue toilet seats, blue splashes on wallpaper, radiators, toilet mats,underpants etc.etc. and it won't come off... I am as at a loss as to why this colouring is in the capsule as we were assured it had nothing to do with the drug itself. We have persevered with this drug for 18 months but I am afraid that following an accident on my bedroom carpet I couldn't cope with it any longer. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this.


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Jun 23, 2004
My father is on the same drug trial - blue wee everywhere. My Mum (his sole caregiver) is amazing and persists in finding ways to clean the blue urine out of all the places it lands and is now a master at getting it out of carpets and clothing (biological detergant and oxy action!) But it is unbelievably impossible to cope with and drives poor Mum mad.


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Mar 23, 2005
Hi loobyloo,

It's possible that the drug is the anti-depressant Amitriptyline (which Jennifer mentions in the other thread under the trade name Elavil).

Take care,