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Aug 31, 2006
Have just been reading the thread about Travel Advice,and now it has got me slightly worried.
As I am soon to emmigrate, I wanted my parents to come out and see the family in New Zealand, but now I am worried that I might be expecting too much.
They are both in their 70's, and although my Dad is coping with my Mums AD, might 2 12 hour flights be too much for both of them???
I'm not even sure that she would remeber the trip by the time they got home, but my Dad would love it........or should I acept the fact that I might never see them again? All this is so depressing.:confused:

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
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As others have said, I think it is about how far along the AD is. Perhaps it would be best if you & your family made the visits. I understand that money is always a factor, but if your Dad is willing to use the money for your flights instead of his & your mother's, that might be one way of dealing with the situation.

Again, it's down to the disease. My mother travelled a great deal before she was diagnosed, but the last few trips didn't go well at all.



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Jun 27, 2006
Did you see this thread?

I imagine flights to India would be similar in duration to one to NZ. So, it obviously can be done.

As an emigrant (to the US) I have to say I can't imagine my Mother managing a flight to the US (approx 8 hours) even with me beside her. Cramped seats, restricted movement, limited hand luggage - "shudder", and my Mother is not at all combative or "difficult"

As Joanne says, it's all down to how far along the AD is (or perhaps more importantly, will be at the time of the trip)



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Flossie
I think my immediate thought was 'What affect would jet lag have on an already confused mind?' Maybe Joanne's suggestion was a good one, of you returning to see them. But, with dementia, it really is no good planning events too far ahead, as you just never know. One day at a time.
Love Helen


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Aug 31, 2006
Thanks guys,
It's really nice to know that there is so much support out there - I'm still coming to terms with my mum's diagnosis, and so I am still at a bit of a loss as to how to deal with it all, but TP is helping!!!:)