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Transferring CHC from one trust to another


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Feb 23, 2015
Hi all,

My father has later stages of Alzheimers and is in a care home in Cambridge. He has just been awarded CHC (after many months of fighting by my mother - for those who feel their relatives should be receiving it, the message is don't give up). The award was down to one nurse, who took over the care of a number of patients in the home after the previous one left, and was shocked that he wasn't getting it. She took on the re-assessment, and took the results all the way to the 'panel' on his behalf.

The question is, my parents live in Cambridegshire, but the entire extended family lives in Plymouth - 6.5 hours by road. While my mother was capable herself, this was not a huge issue, but she is now 85, and is getting to the point at which she needs her family. She wants to sell up and move to Plymouth, and transfer my Dad to a local place in Plymouth. We have found two good homes (one which costs less than his current fees, and one more). How do we go about transferring the CHC from one trust to another? I assume we won't need a new assessment as it is a National framework.

Also, once it is transferred (if that is possible), will it remain at the current level or match the new requirement - i.e. if we move him into the more expensive home because that is where the vacancy is, do we get that cost covered, or have to top it up?

Any help appreciated - I can't find any source of information that covers this situation.



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Aug 4, 2013
We moved Dad from one authority to the other - we rang the original authority and they were more than happy to transfer him as the home he was going to move to was cheaper . The authorities are bordering so it is not problematic when we have our meetings . Go for it !