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Mar 22, 2007
I really think it is about time banks undertook to train front line staff on EPAs. I already had a lot of trouble once because the call centre staff had no idea what an EPA actually WAS.
Finally this got resolved, and all seemed to be well, but last week I had to go and get a bankers draft from my mums account. I took the EPA, my own passport and mums account details into the local branch.
A lovely young man was on the counter who grinned at me in joy, but his little face dropped into his boots as I began to explain.
"Oi" he whispered to his colleague in the next booth "do you know about this...EE PEE AY thing??"
"Noooo" replies clerk number two looking worried...
Now, finally a senior member of staff was raked out the back and the matter was dealt with....but when I happened to go back to the bank a few days later on another matter, I saw the same young chap..who told me the senior officer still hadnt explained it all to he hoped the query didnt come up again!:mad:


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Feb 17, 2006
I also have had that on a few occasion , call centre are the worse they always put me on hold , until someone updated the system to give me my own password for telephone / internet banking, I avoid going in to the bank as much as possible , because they such a high turn over of staff , that they always asking the next person where on the system do they check 3 party .


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Feb 28, 2005
west mids
How I agree!!

Ive also had huge problems with mums bank/building society with regards to the EPA.
I took my pasport, birth certificate and EPA to the building society who "gives us extra" to get the deeds to mums house released to complete the sale.
Counter and customer services staff hadnt a clue what it entailed., photocopied everything and lost them twice!!

I did submit a written complaint to head office , and have to say they went to great lengths to put things right.

Similar problems with the bank, who just werent aware of what an EPA is.

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