took mum home for a holiday


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May 12, 2006
west sussex
Took mum home to Italy for a holiday for three weeks, my husband joined us in the second week.

It was so nice to see her on "home" ground, where she could talk freely with all her old friends, and strangers.

I envy her so much her long term memory of events and people that she remembers of many years ago. Whereas I seem unable to remember any events or people although they remember me.

I spent the first week of the holiday settling her in and taking her out and about, a couple of times not getting to bed until well after midnight, so that when my husband joined us I din't feel guilty leaving her while we went out.

Here in the uk unless I arrange for visitors to call, or I take mum out, then she will only see us during the day, whereas in Italy she would sit outside the front door and pass the time of day with whoever went past, be an old friend, or children playing in the street.

It was interesting that in the three weeks she only ever packed her bags once, and never mentioned wanting to go home, although she kept asking when she would she be seeing my brother (the one who was going to put her in a home), that one always tries my patience.....

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