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Too young for dementia?

foggy girl

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Sep 14, 2006
Hi all x

This is the second time of typing this as forgot to login!!

I am 31 and afraid for my mental health. It started with my speech where I trip over my words or can't think of a word. Now my memory seems to be affected.

It started concerning me a couple of months ago.

On the first ocassion I made my daughter a sandwich and 20 minutes later returned to the kitchen to make her another one. When I spotted the sandwich I had already made for her I became very confused and still couldn't remember making it yet had.

3 days later I set out in the car for our local farm shop. But I drove straight past it, but realised as soon as I had done.

The following day I turned up at playgroup to collect my friend's child and then it dawned on me that I never look after him on Mondays. I scurried off home feeling very scared and stupid. So I decided to make a note in my diary incase it got to the point that I felt that I needed help from my GP. Well I feel that time has come. This morning I went to the nursery to collect my son leaving a little girl I look after outside in the buggy with other people's small children. Just as we were about to leave I frantically looked for the little girl in the nursery and then I looked outside and saw her where I'd left her.

I came straight home and made an appointment with my GP. I feel that I may not be taken seriously and will be put down to stress being a mum and full time childminder and I accept that it can be stressful with very little 'me' time. But want a proper diagnosis just incase it's anything more serious.

I don't know whether it's hereditary but my nan had senial dementia and water on the brain when she died. My dad had depression and committed suicide when he was just 38. I don't feel depressed at all and love my life and my work and just have the same stresses as the average person.

My apt is this afternoon so will let you know how I get on xx


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Feb 24, 2006
I hope it's "just stress".

Hope the appointment goes well, hope the doctor LISTENS.