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Tomorrow is another day


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Mar 24, 2014
Excellent poem, Scarlett, and so glad everything has gone well. What a true friend you have.

What a lovely way to begin the day :) xx


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May 14, 2012
Nice to have you back Scarlett and glad your operation went well.:) Great friend you have offering to help with your bath and I hope she loves the poem but maybe a gap instead of arms or a smiley face.

Take care Carolx


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Mar 13, 2014
Love the poem, glad things are not too painful if somewhat awkward for a while. x

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May 10, 2010
Great to see you back, Scarlett, and that although uncomfortable you are not in pain. Hope the next few weeks recuperating are not too difficult.

I liked your rhyme, and had a good chuckle at the third last line! :D:p She sounds a gem if a friend. Precious,

Loo xx


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Apr 30, 2013
Arguing the toss with Multinational Companies R Us!

Well I'm back in fighting form! I have had many frustrating phone calls with A Very Well Known Company, where John and I each had a 6 year ISA bond, that we took out 4 years ago. It promised the earth, and so we invested £5000 each.

When John died, I advised them by phone, the Death Certificate was sent and I was told I'd hear from them in a week. Two weeks later I phoned and they denied receipt of the certificate, though they had returned it with a covering letter!

Several other c*ck-ups occurred, and it was evident the left hand had no idea what the right hand was doing. I sent the Grant of Probate, and had been told on the telephone that the monies would be paid into my bank account "immediately".

I then received a statement, addressed to John, dated February! As my funds weren't forthcoming, and realising I was getting nowhere with the people I was communicating with, I decided to send an email to the CEO, attaching all the letters I had sent, and detailing all the problems.

I also said that I was sorry that the company was in such a dire financial position that they felt it necessary to utilise John's funds to keep the company solvent, as that could be the only reason they were loathe to part with £5,000. ;)

Not even an acknowledgement! So the following day I sent a copy email to every Board member. :D The next day, I received an reply from the CEO's assistant, saying that the "UK office have been notified to deal with this as a matter of urgency". I'd sent my email to the head of "*** International". :D:D

And, funnily enough, I had a phone call yesterday from the UK office, apologising for everything, and saying the money would show up in my Bank Account on Monday. :D:D:D

So I've thanked the CEO's assistant, but asked why, when every document had my late
husband's Client number on it, they still sent post to him. And I added that I would be more than happy to help them organise their files so that such things didn't happen again. I also said that some companies didn't insist on waiting for the Grant of Probate if the sum involved was under £25K.

I enjoyed doing all those emails. :D:D:D


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Nov 27, 2014
Wow, you are not to be messed with Scarlett!! Happy you have not had any pain, and glad you have such good friends.


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Oct 19, 2009
Yesss! Good for you.

But why do companies think they can do this kind of thing? It is, after all, not their money - it's your money! I mean - what is their problem, that they can't just answer their mail?! Do they seriously think you are going to just give up and let them keep the £5,000??!!


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Jan 5, 2014
Brilliant effort - I deal with HMRC on a daily basis, the staff I eventually get to speak to (phone up 20 minutes on hold, clerk takes a note of my issues, he can't sort them so I get a call back 3 days later) understand the issues, but can't solve the problem. 10 years ago I phoned the local inspector and he sorted it there and then.

Would you please like to reorganise them for me as I think you may be the only one that can do it.

And whilst you are at it the passport office as my daughter's application was rejected as the official passport form I collected from the post office was the wrong size for their scanning machines and I had to fill in a second form they sent to me.

In fact you could earn a fortune -instead of volunteering for CAB, set yourself up as a consultant to all the FTSE hundred

glad your op went well, and pleased you are back in fighting spirit


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Aug 30, 2012
Brixham Devon
Good to have you back my friend. I hope you will soon be charging around as normal-although you don't sound as though you have been idle. Companies! Huh! I'm waiting for money from one which is only £1,600-and they are still a pain up the ....:eek:I shouldn't have told them I was going through Probate, but as I did I waited til I had it then sent off the forms etc. Apparently that isn't good enough. As well as our marriage certificate, death cert/probate form they now want Pete's birth cert/my utility bill and passport! Why do they need Pete's birth cert? If he hadn't been born he wouldn't have died -hence the death certificate! Beyond my powers of understanding.

Must say the Probate people were very efficient-if it's simple do it yourself I say. A friend of mine saw a solicitor when she was doing probate and she had to wait for a year!

Ever thought of going into politics Scarlett?

As I say-glad to have you back

Love from Lyn T XX


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May 23, 2014
Well done Scarlett - perhaps you could assist me in sorting out the portion I am entitled to from my husband's private pension! I have sent every known official certificate asked for and they have all been returned to me but no mention of the sum of money I will receive - if any. Hope your recovery is continuing to plan.


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Apr 30, 2013
Well done Scarlett - perhaps you could assist me in sorting out the portion I am entitled to from my husband's private pension! I have sent every known official certificate asked for and they have all been returned to me but no mention of the sum of money I will receive - if any. Hope your recovery is continuing to plan.
WIFE, you must telephone. If the company is big enough to warrant an Estates Office, ask to speak to whoever is in charge. If not, and even if (!), find out the name of the Managing Director, or Chairman, or CEO, and email. My money didn't materialise yesterday, so I phoned today and was told "it takes 3 - 5 working days to go through".

I asked why, in this computerised age, things took longer than war-time carrier pigeons. Mr XYZ made the mistake of laughing. :eek::eek::eek: I said I was really pleased that I had provided amusement for him, because my debts were anything but funny. He apologised.

So I, too, am still a Lady In Waiting. Lyn, I think it's disgusting that all these companies are united in delaying tactics. As you say, £1,600 has 2 noughts, and not 20, so why must they insist on every certificate they can think of? John's birth certificate had to be produced as well, which is ludicrous when you're supplying the death certificate.

I'm fed up being stuck indoors, and a couple of promised visits from friends never materialised. But I have worked my way through the entire collection of Prime Suspect, Series 1 - 7, which was good value for £4.76! I buy my stuff from the "used" section of Am*z*n.

Hospital appointment on Friday afternoon, which may coincide with receiving the money. If so, I shall rashly treat myself a Bailey's, or 2!


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Oct 13, 2013
North Somerset
Useful site which I shall file away for when I need it. Hope you ladies all get your entitlements soon. It seems as though they consider it to be THEIR money, coming out of THEIR pockets.

Hope all goes well on Friday, Scarlett. Think I will have to get a bottle of Baileys in too

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Apr 30, 2013
Way hay! :) Yippee! :D Just checked online and money from £5000 bond and Life Insurance Policy have both been paid in. Time for a Bailey's. :D:D

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