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Dec 1, 2006
Is covering the news about the man who succeeded in getting a refund from his health authority for his wife's care. Radio 4 at midday and repeated on Sunday 7th Jan at 9pm. See today's email from the Moneybox producer, below

Dear listener

Happy New Year! The banks are certainly celebrating with offers on savings and loans which some are even marketing as a January Sale. But are the offers made now really any better than those you can get all year?

We talk to the man who got £50,000 back from his local NHS trust after it admitted it should not have charged his elderly mother for her care. She had sold her home to pay for it. Does this mean the NHS will have to pay for the care costs of far more older people?
Hundreds of thousands of homeowners actually own their property leasehold not freehold. Now many are being bullied into buying expensive insurance even though they have the right not to do so.

Ernie gets difficult with one listener who wanted to buy premium bonds. Her cheque was sent back because she couldn't prove who she was.

And we reveal the result of the Money Box Christmas Quiz. Are you the lucky winner?

That's all in the first Money Box of 2007. Saturday at noon, Sunday at 9pm and anytime on the web. There's more information on our website about all these items. Best wishes for 2007.
Paul Lewis

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