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Today is a good day


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Sep 12, 2013
Temple Ewell, Dover
Today is a good day :) I have just joined this group and have not posted before. But as I feel good, thought I would. My Mum has dementia and my Dad who is in his 80s and has cancer is her full time carer, with daily help. This situation is at times desperate, took me 18 months to get diagnosis as Dad so in denial. I was professionally a carer and this has helped but also caused big problems. Mainly because seen as interfering etc., but now have a wonderful Care Manager on board (and I know how rare that is) who not only arranged what she is able to do for Mum with Dad agreeing, but got me some counselling. I was also made redundant as was my husband this year, and looking after Grandchildren. So although my husband has now a job I am what they call the squeezed middle. Mum has what I an only describe as a life of her own making. Some days that is very difficult, but today she told me that she had been working on her tractor, which is part of her new business. So today is a good day, I had to smile, thinking of my Mum, 5 foot nothing, who never drove a car, or worked on the land, driving a tractor has made me chuckle all day. Two weeks ago she wanted to know if I could be let out of prison to come and see her as she couldn't travel to visit me now. (No, never even got a speeding ticket)
So here is to good days. Long may they last and may many others have a good day today x :)


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Jun 10, 2012
South Gloucs
That's lovely to hear. I had a good day yesterday, after having an awful one on Monday - and today is good also.

Lets hear it for the good ones!


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Jan 30, 2009
Hi jayp,
welcome to tp from one criminal (I am a kidnapper according to mum) to another.
My mum has Alzheimers, and I had a hell of a job persuading dad to get help but now it is all in place it works really well. A good day for us now is if mum seems to be happy. I think that is probably the same for a lot of people here.
Stressful day for me, got the plumbers in.