to sedate or not to sedate


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Jul 28, 2005
south london
my mother recently died of a heart attack in hospital whilst recovering from an operation.

mum never received any sedation whilst in the day centre or in the hospital.

whilst I accept that the generally perceived wisdom is not to sedate clients, I believe that mum got stressed out whilst in the day centre and hospital.

I firmly believe that had she been sedated she would have suffered less stress and would be at home with me now.

I know the theory sedate people bad keep people occupied good. however some people will not allow themselves to be occupied and just want to go home.

just my theory and I know the majority of people will disagree but I firmly believe I am right.

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
I'm very sorry about your loss. I hope in time your heartache will ease and things will become easier for you.

The reason that so many people are leery of sedation is simply because it is very easy to oversedate & then you are left with a loved one who looks like a zombie. If the person with AD is anxious, certainly we must try to find the right med to ease that person's fear and anxiety without sending them into a mental fog. The poor darlings are already foggy enough.

It can take quite a while to find the right meds. And once you find the right combination, it may last for 6 months or a year or whatever. Then the disease's progression forces us to go over this medication issue again and again. I have already been through this with my mother four times at least.

Again, I'm so sorry.



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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Bernie, so sorry to hear of the sad loss of your Mum. There are so many ifs and buts with sedation, if you are really not happy, ask to speak to those in charge of your Mum's care whilst in hospital. I know it wont bring her back, but understanding the reasons for how she was treated may bring you peace. I went over and over what happened to my own Mum, trying desperately to understand and find answers, partly because I felt so cheated by the dementia. My Mum died from an unrelated illness connected to breaking her hip, not from the dementia she suffered, although her breaking her hip wqs due to dementia. It is so hard to come to terms with isn't it. I do hope you soon can remember the good times and the love you shared without all these doubts on her care, we can't undo what is done, but boy does it still hurt. Thinking of you, love and a hug, She. XX