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to Nat


Registered User
Sep 21, 2005
hi there Nat,
Just felt the need to reply to you at last. You were so kind as to reply to my posts when I felt I could post last year. i have not forgotten your kind, supportive, Empathic words. Dad is now still in a home, my heart is still sad every day, i have been unable to talk on this forum because of ????? every day I try to escape the raw pain i feel from seeing my dad like this. I wish I could be useful on this forum and offer support to others, but im trying to escape and forget. When my dad smiles at me, my heart breaks, when he cries for his mum, i feel like punching god in the face!! this AD is ****.
Anyways, back to my point, Your posts are so REAL AND SPOT ON, thinking of you and your dad, and me and my dad, and any other person affected by this truly cruel and horrific illness. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX