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To avoid his/her embarassment


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Sep 16, 2005
Just a tip for those of you with partners or parents with dementia who are still able to go to the shops.

What we did is made up a little card that said, 'My husband (my Dad, my wife, my mum) suffers from dementia, please be patient with us. He may say strange things, or not appear to be listening, or might appear to be rude. We would appreciate your understanding and ask that you respond to him as normally as possible.'

This card was quite handy when it came to Dad having haircuts, or getting shoes fit, going through airport security and so on. We could discreetly hand it to the shop assistant and Dad did not have to suffer the embarssment of strange looks, impatience, anger and so on. If we could get away with not showing it we would, but as things got worse, it became a life-saver!

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