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Sep 28, 2009
Does anyone else have experience of terrible tiredness. I have never slept well and have always read or listened to music or audio books until the early hours and I still do this. But I find I can then sleep until 2 in the afternoon and then maybe go back to bed and sleep from about 4 until 8. I think I once read that people with dementia turn the days and nights round but this doesn't feel like that it is the most tired I have ever been. I wonder if it is because we have to concentrate so hard to do anything?


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May 18, 2014
Not Dementia related Shelagh, but before my mum moved in with me, I had a terrible sleep pattern, a bit like you I could not sleep till early hours and in a deep sleep just as the alarm would go off. In the afternoon when not working I would fall asleep on the sofa around 2pm with tv on and not wake up till about 7pm. You could be right about concentration, years ago I suffered a knock to my head and it seems this pattern of sleep started then, I would suddenly feel tired and exhausted after working just a few hours.