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Time for nursing care?


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Jun 7, 2012
5 weeks ago my mum who is in mid stage dementia had a hip replacement after breaking her hip. The hospital didn't get her up out of bed for 9 days saying she was unsafe and couldn't hold herself up when sat on the edge of the bed. She was then sent to a rehab hospital who eventually gave her physio after we pressed them to do it. The physio lasts for about 20 minutes per day and besides this she sits in the chair all day in a room on her own.

The care home where she lives say they can't accept her back until she is able to walk 5 metres (from her bed to the toilet). She is walking this distance with the physiotherapist but they still say she would be unsafe to walk on her own and they won't let her have a Zimmer frame as they say this would encourage her to walk on her own which they would not allow. She is on 2 hour toilet visits with the aid of a steady, they don't bother to walk her to the toilet they use the steady every time.

When I visited her today her dementia was worse than ever talking complete nonsense. The nurse asked if I would stay and feed her, I asked what she meant as my mother can feed herself, the nurse shook her head and said she won't feed unless we spoon feed her, my mother was getting really angry saying "of course I can feed myself". I stayed in order to see what she was like at her meal and she was just saying "I'm not hungry, how can I be hungry I'm not using any energy" I tried to coax her to eat but she did not want the food.

I feel she is going downhill whilst being in hospital, I need her to be back in the care home where she is stimulated and has other people to talk to. How do I get her back there if at all and will I have to find nursing care for her if she continues to go downhill.

I forgot to say she has had 2 falls while in hospital because they won't give her a Zimmer frame but she likes to wander. Her mobility in my eyes is not any worse than it was before except she tires quickly when walking with the physiotherapist. Can anyone relate to this and is it time for nursing care?