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Three month warning!


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Aug 5, 2014
Kendal Cumbria
At last it seems like Dad might actually be on his way out of hospital and finally in to a Nursing Home! I rang and spoke to them and they are going to go and do an assessment but they seemed to be quite positive. I asked about the fees and the manager said it depended on if he was self funding or CHC. I said 'is there a difference in costs?' but wasn't given a direct answer.All she said was that "after the three months theres a review and I must make you aware that the CHC may be withdrawn, the NHS give us £112 towards his costs but that is on top of the fees which you will pay"
She then went on to outline that as his dementia deteriorated he would become easier to handle and therefore would not score so highly and therefore may not qualify for the funding!
Oh Dear.......she hasn't met him yet. But unfortunately I believe this is how the system works. I want to try and get together as much information as I can during this three month period. Has anyone got any advice about what type of evidence I might gather?
However, it does sound as if the decision has already been made!


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Jul 14, 2006
Once your Dad is in the nursing home he will have everything recorded on a daily basis. His food intake, liquid intake, medication , continence problems, falls, behaviour, in fact just about everything.

Make sure that everything is entered into the book as when the review comes along his records will be read by those doing the review. It is very easy on a busy floor for something to be missed out of the book and then there is not a true picture of the level of care he needs.