This is support?


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Aug 3, 2006
Hi there carers, This Thur a girl arrived at our house, she is meant to visit once a month. I always thought she was a PCN I now discover she's a Community Nurse Assistance. I asked her the purpose of her visits: "To support you" when I asked her how, she said to see if everything was all right and to have a chat! She was unaware that my wife had been rushed to A&E to be resusated two weeks ago and that I had damaged my ribs. I explained that there were only two areas I required support with, one was not to have to wait around for treatment if I should require it. Secondly neighbor's trees over 30ft blocks light to our house can some thing be done about it on my behalf. She said there was nothing she could do, but her visit gave me a chance to let off steam. I can do that here on TP thanks. It would seem proper that just someone might phone maybe once a week to check we're still around. My wife has improved and I have recovered rib wise, am now working on my back. From the day I removed my wife from a NH 3 and a half years ago I said: "There is nobody and nothing out there except me so get on with it." This has proved correct and it has saved me a lot of the stress and pain I went through in the early years of my wife's illness. Taking total control of all aspects of my wife's care is the best thing I have ever done, thank God. Padraig


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Padraig,
Pleased to hear that things are improving.
"There is nobody and nothing out there except me so get on with it."- No man is an island. You have friends here if and when you need us.
Love Helen