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This is so hard....


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Nov 12, 2015
My Mum (85) has Alzheimer's and has a nasty chest infection, she is being treated with oral antibiotics and other drugs inc. morphine to make her comfortable. I live 250 miles away and due to medication for various illnesses I cannot drive. I came back from visiting her fir 7 days only a week ago and said my own private goodbye as I honestly believe this is the end, which has been confirmed by the doctor. Am I right in thinking it would be better to save my energy for m Dad when the inevitable happens? He is 86 and they have been married for 62 years


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Dec 15, 2012
Hello Frufru
welcome to TP, I'm so sorry you had to find the forum under such difficult circumstances - you will find here a wealth of sympathy and experience and a 'listening ear'.
You know your own family best, follow your instincts, and take care of your own health, you will need your strength in the days to come.
I wish peace for your mum and comfort for you and your dad.