This is scary ....loophole in DVLA system



Just discovered that if a 3rd party reports anyone to the DVLA concerned about their ability to drive for whatever reason

The DVLA will send out a form to the driver .......if the driver completes the form saying they are fit to drive furthur action is taken

If they complete it with medical info and permission to contact their GP ...the DVLA will follow up BUT if the driver has not been seen or diagnosed by the GP unless the GP actually visits or calls the driver in then problems can again be missed and only the actual medical info on file may be supplied

Many forum members have said that their AD relatives consider themselves perfectly fit to drive and will not go near the doctor or accept they have a problem

This seems to leave a loophole in the DVLA system we all need to be aware of

The DVLA have said that if people write in with their concerns over this possible loophole they will look at their proceedures

I guess that up till now they thought drivers would be honest but i know many elderly drivers simply do not realise how slow their reaction times or driving abilities are

Worried Woman

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Jan 7, 2006
So, as I mentioned in a previous thread, my mother, who I think has dementia but is undiagnosed as yet, can continue to drive and renew her licence every 3 years because as far as she is concerned she's fine!

There is no point me telling the DVLC of my concerns as they will just send her another form.

I always thought that a doctor had to sign to say a person over 70 was fit to drive and only discovered that this is not the case last week when my mother posted off her form.

It appears there are not only people driving with possible dementia but also other conditions that they may be unaware of (or aware but keeping quiet) such as heart problems, mini strokes and deteriorating vision.

It's utter madness!


Precisely my point

I could not believe it when the DVLA told me this PM that if the driver fills in the form saying they are OK they will do no more about it

I am aware that i have not seen or experienced all forms stages of AD but given the speed with which my Mothers has developed its frightening to think that even now because I know she will fill in that form and say she is fine (because she refuses point blank to believe she is ill ) that the DVLA will ignore anything I tell them and continue to let her drive