this is a bit sensitive


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Mar 22, 2007

Harley said:
The manager I had to go to see at the hospital said it was the fact that dad had used her colour to single her out that was offensive :confused:

He had a fall and had broken his hip and I was so scared they were going to go ahead and discharge him that I would have agreed that I had seen a space ship on the ward if they had asked for that assurance.

i wonder if the lady herself was offended? I doubt it. I actually object to being called "babe" "doll" "Hunny" "blondie" and "luv" . If the guy is young I tell him...if he is 60 plus he gets away with it!!


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Jun 27, 2006
Can they discharge someone who is medically unfit? Don't they have a duty of care? Furthermore, the NHS itself use descriptors such as black in their own reporting. If it happened again, I would definitely be talking to PALS (Patient advice and liason). I'm resonably sure this is a a case of a jumped up bureaucrat with an over wheening sense of their own importance who doesn't understand the rules. Which doesn't help you of course - I'm just so ticked on your behalf.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I get so fed up of PC going over the top. It will come to pass that we won`t be able to call anyone anything.

I know there are racists, but some of the non-racists incite more racism than they realize.

My husband is Indian and has a very strong accent. Many people we meet have problems understanding him, but he`s always been a bit lazy, and it`s his own fault. He could have developed a much clearer English accent if he`d worked at it a bit more.

Even so, he has never encountered racism from any people he worked with or any neighbours, because he has always been good and kind and inoffensive.

I`m Jewish, and although I don`t have an accent, I do have a big nose. No-one has yet held it against me.

Both of us identify and point out Indian and Jewish people, in the same way `Real British Pubs` and `Full English Breakfasts`are so popular in Spain. Like attracts like, and we all like the familiarity of what we know.

In defence of the immigrants who staff our care homes, I have to say that although they may not be fluent in our language, and that is a problem, the ones I have met, more than make up for this deficit, in the respect their culture has for the aged and infirm, and the young and infirm too.
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Feb 17, 2006
Sounds like doctor does not know what his talking about , I wonder if they make up the rule up as they go alone , I know from my own children , and they friends they parents want to be called black or of mix race then coloured person or half cast .

My children are of mix race , even the police when asking a deception of someone will ask for a deception , people will say he look mix race , my son been pick up on the wrong deception of someone that committed a crime , just thank – god he was in the Caribbean at the time it happen and could prove it .

I remember a phone call about my post from the royal mail not getting delivered the man said that I should look out for a post man of Caribbean origin now I don’t know how he work that one out because he look mix race to me, but then one of my daughters will say she is half Spanish, half Barbadian born in England so is of ethnic origin, yes she does like to know her roots. other daughter just says she mix race , my son says his black , other daughter does not care .

Can became all so confusing for the public even for me, let alone for someone with dementia

So ask doctor how do you teach something new to someone who has dementia to say the lady of ethnic origin, , tell him to get a life and get real :)
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I knew some smart Alec would come back at me with that one.

:eek: :rolleyes: Oh dear, am I showing prejudice to all Alecs :rolleyes: :eek: My apologies.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
When I lived in S****horpe, I had a letter from the council saying they were preparing an exhibition of the history of the borough. They wanted all ethnic minorities to have a stand, and invited me to set one up.

I was president of the Scots' Society!!!!!!!:eek:


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Feb 24, 2006
Skye said:
Why has the name of the town been bleeped out? I didn't do it!:confused:

It's discrimination!
must be the Big Grin stealer. They've moved on to letters :eek:

let me try it


I think I've just worked out what is happening :eek: