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Think I now need a bit of help


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Jan 16, 2014
So far in our Alzheimer's journey we have managed without too much help. We moved to our new house a couple of weeks ago. Husband doesn't like me out of his sight. I think a carer coming into the house for a few hours now and again would allow me to do things like go to the hairdressers. Mick doesn't need 'caring for' as such but he becomes very anxious if I'm not with him. Any ideas of suggestions, as always, gratefully received.

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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Sounds to me as if you need a befriender to visit say once or twice a week.

Do a search for befriender in your postcode or area, I would expect the person to arrive in ordinary clothes and not a uniform of any kind, they would probably come from charity or voluntary organisation.

If you regularly attend any church you could ask if they have anything set up for visiting the 'sick and elderly'.

As kassy said start with a friend calling round for coffee and then try and build from there.

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