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Things were much happier today!!


Registered User
Aug 17, 2015
East Midlands
After a very distressful weekend with OH, today was a totally different experience. The Speech Therapist came to the CH today he is in for a long overdue assessment and thinks she can help with his speech. He was much happier and cannot remember Saturday, which is probably for the best.

He also said when we visit he would like to go out away from the home for a coffee, walk etc which is the most positive he has been for a little while.

I need to remember today when the next bad day hits, which it unfortunately will.


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Jul 6, 2015
Great news! Happy for you! Yes, that's how I take it as well. I think of the "good" days (i.e. not TOTAL disaster days) with my parents as being lovely little tropical islands in an ocean of chaos.