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Discussion in 'ARCHIVE FORUM: Resources' started by Chris, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Chris

    Chris Registered User

    May 20, 2003
    All the posts I wrote in the Resources section have been removed due to the policy of not placing info about specific products on this website forum. these included Hip Protectors, one button radios, bath 'sink plugs to prevent floods etc etc

    This is a great shame - I just wonder how far the Alzheimer's Society 's fear of getting sued is going to take us.

    I wish I had kept copies of all large amount of info I posted - as I didnt it will take ages to get it altogether again.

    Cares need a resources forum - where we can write about products that we have tried. eg Hip Protectors - our local PCT is running a Pilot study & out of several types of these (pants with reinforced pads in side - if people fall - they DO NOT fracture thier hip) were looked at . One type was chosen to be used in Pilot as OT & physio thought most suitable for someone with demntia - that is , sewn in, wahsable pads, & they chose the softest as needed to be worn 24 hours. - now you'll all have to try them all out for yourselves. thanks AS.

    I'd hoped to save a few £12k operations & all the pain of fractured hips by posting info on these. Thanks AS.

    PS I know there is good reason for banning info on products but when it is something that has been researched & in case of hip protectors - being prescribed in some areas - in others - givne ot patients on discharge from hospital - isnt the Alzheimers Society being a bit short sighted to say the least?
  2. Kriss

    Kriss Registered User

    May 20, 2004
    Hi Chris

    I can see why it's been done but I can appreciate that from the "end user" there is a need. Sorry to hear you didn't keep a copy of everything but would you be willing to answer queries direct through a PM?

    TP would probably be covered by using disclaimers and you can offer advice direct when asked. I would always be willing to direct people to my inbox if they had a specific need that I had experience of.

    Can the TP controllers tell us if this is acceptable?

  3. Jude

    Jude Registered User

    Dear Chris and Kriss,

    I don't think any of us are will be too happy about this new directive. I'm so sorry about your posts because you put such a lot of time and effort into providing the information. I will see what I can do to have the information emailed to you if possible. Also will check and see if we can still use these topics on Resources with a bit of rewording and disclaimers.

  4. storm

    storm Registered User

    Aug 10, 2004
    Hi all, Can someone explain what resource is for because ithought it was for posting things we had found useful in the care of people with A/D.I found the shoe site that was on there most useful and i managed to get stockings that didnt cut into mums legs which i had not been able to get anywhere else, so why do you need to remove these things that are really helpful to carers which i thought that was what this site is about helping carers. storm
  5. Jude

    Jude Registered User

    Dear All,

    We are trying to get this sorted out with the AS in the next few days. I totally agree with your comments about the Resources Section. Hope to have further news later today if possible.

  6. Jude

    Jude Registered User

    Dear Chris,

    I've had a scan on TP this morning and found most of your missing posts with the exception of the radio, as follows:

    Smart House
    Sink Plugs [on Carers Rep Thread]
    Hip Protectors

    They haven't been deleted. If you want to find and move them, then click on 'search' and then follow the prompts.

  7. Chris

    Chris Registered User

    May 20, 2003
    Apologise for stirring up a hornets nest !!!!

    Wanted a smilie with a red face with much heat eminating from it but couldnt find it .

    Sorry about overreacting - found all my old posts (I think ) in the members list, then - display all threads.

    There is still a debate about info on specific products which AS is addressing urgently - its a wider issue than TP - one for the Helpline and all branch communication pathways too - so .... not all bad !!!!!

    Found a really good sentence today

    "Its not possible to sustain hope in the absence of opportunity"

    by Dr Rachel Perkins , Clinical Director , SW London & St Georges Mental Health Trust.

    Lots of opportunities for us to use that one and therefore - lots of hope ! Mmmmm think I'm getting my mind in a twist - worrying !!!

  8. Jude

    Jude Registered User

    Dear Chris,

    No worries! Please don't feel embarrassed. What your post HAS done is to galvanise us into addressing the 'advertising issue' asap, which is no bad thing at all. My immediate reaction was exactly the same everyone else's - what's the point of having a Resources Thread if we can't post resources......???

    I'm sure we can find a way around this with disclaimers and we are all working on this right now.

    More news from the front later........



    PS: The quote is spot on.

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