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Mar 22, 2007
In these somewhat dark days, it is often the comments of my young son , Jon, which gets me through..especially when I think how amused my mother would be if she were able to understand.
A few months ago, when she was admitted to hospital, we were actually told she didnt have long to live. Jon, being very serious about the situation but secretly pleased at the time off school, was at the forefront of the death bed gathering which never was.
Feeling slightly cheated as mother rallied., he bounced into the bedroom the next day.
"Look here" he demanded. "Is it game over for Granny or what then?"
Too tired to play the responsible adult, I shrugged.
"I really dont know Jon"
"Well" he continued. "What are u going to DO? I mean...Granny is in THERE and WE are sitting here like plums!"
In fact, he isnt sitting there plumlike, he has begun to practice break dancing.
"At least" he added " if she actually...died (dropping his voice respectfully) I could get some wear out of my suit..not that I WANT her to away" he adds hastily.
"Jon" I begin, heaving myself up in bed. But I get no furthur as he has now moved on to the Great Hereafter., quite a favourite subject of his from time to time
"After all " he adds "Grandpa would be jolly glad wouldnt he?"
(my father died many years ago, and therefore is firmly fixed as a hero forever in Jons mind)
"Yes, Im sure he would Jon, but I think basically Granny will be ok"
At the time I dont think that and indeed she wasnt to be "ok" at all, but she was discharged to a nursing home. Visiting the home prior to her discharge, Jon liked it
"wow" he pronounced. "they get their food served in their rooms and they can just lay there! "
This, to Jon is the ideal lifestyle! In fact he would happily miss out the next seventy years and move straight in.
He is now a regular visitor.
"I " he often announces "Am going to talk to that old man, he doesnt have any visitors"
He actually wants an admiring audience for his dancing..but the gentleman seems to enjoy it, tapping his walking stick in time to the steps.
Today, he was helping to give out cake, making sure the slices were EXACTLY the same size with precision.
Many residents call him Alf, George, Steven, Bill, etc, presumably after long ago relations. He simply answers them all.
"well mum" he said "they are OLD but they are still people. "


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Mar 16, 2005
Fabulous Natashalou, thank you for the smiles, your son sounds like a real gem! :)

Best wishes,


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Feb 28, 2005
west mids
Dear Natashlou,
thank goodness for our sons.:)
My son , 12 , has kept me grounded so many times during the last three difficult years with my mum.
I often wish I could see things from his perspective, no worries, no stress just matter of fact and take things at face value.
Your son sound adorable!]
Ally xx


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Aug 23, 2006
Gosh Natashalou you could have picked a shorter "handle" :)

Wonderful the way a childs mind works. thank you for that


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Aug 9, 2005
Natashalou said:
"well mum" he said "they are OLD but they are still people. "
Just LOVED your post, but most especially this bit! God Bless our children and grandchildren! Sometimes I'm so involved with the other end of life I forget to look at the freshness, enthusiasm and hope they bring to us all. Thanks for posting! Nell