The sweet odour of urine... NOT!


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Nov 23, 2003
Hi all.

Has anyone any advice on products that help eliminate the smell of urine? I have spend most of the day scrubbing upholstery, carpets, mattress but to no avail. Even mum's clothes out of the machine still smell. All-in-all their house is smelling pretty vile now as she has very regular 'accidents'. I always thought old people smelling of wee was just neglect, now I know it isnt neccessarily so.



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Oct 16, 2003
sweet smell

Hi Eden

I have tried many things in the past, and have decided that in order to "mask" the smell i have to put up with an overpowering smell of something else, so i have used thinks like floral disinfectants (even a drop in the washing machine) also in the washing machine i use fabric conditioner and i have even used babies "napisan" to soak underwear in before washing and of course wherever safe to do so open some windows. I also do the occasional rounds with "fabreeze". I am aware that sometimes the mixture of some of my ideas with the urine "aroma" can be quite potent but can at times be ok, i also have waterproofs on all chairs (hidden by a cushion cover or "throw") and the same on the beds. Another good mask is fragrant oil burners, these of course must only be used whilst you are present and removed without trace when your are not there.

Good Luck



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Jun 29, 2004
Hi ,

Can't help you much with upholstery; I'm looking for a solution to that myself. I usually soak mum's underwear in bleach; if that doesn't work for you, then maybe have a go with soda crystals and then wash. They can remove things that normal bleach can't. you do have to be careful using them and you can only use on white cotton; not on anything else.
Something I have found very useful when mum has had an accident and I'm cleaning her up, is baby wipes, and a touch of E45 round the pant line to prevent chaffing.
Good luck!



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Jun 1, 2004
Rochester, Kent

Sometimes strong smelling urine can be caused by a urine infection.

It is also not adviseable to keep soaking the urine as dampness makes the smells linger.

Not a lot of help.