The start of a scary week


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Mar 15, 2006
Morecambe, UK
Well today is the day that Jean's sister Nancy goes on holiday for a week leaving Jean to fend for herself.

I spoke to the social worker on thursday and is it my imagination or is she getting LESS helpful every time I speak to her. She is not telling me things unless I specifically ask. For example Jean is having trouble at day care, going to the toilet 30 times a day and demanding to go home and getting aggressive when the home try to stop her. We weren't TOLD any of this until I happened to ask how it was going. Is it me? Am I being unreasonable thinking we should be kept informed of things like this?? Also the SW has organised home help for evening meals as well this week while Nancy is away but didn't call to say it had been sorted out!! She left us thinking Jean was going to be on her own from lunchtime until the following morning every day! I only found out she was having evening help when I asked who would be giving her her evening medication.

Apparently the home help have noticed that Jean is deteriorating (which I think is mainly down to nobody telling her what is going on with her sister who is dying and therefore she is worrying herself sick - but that is my opinion) and have told the social worker - I told her that last week when Joan (Jean's sister) went into hospital again, but she doesn't listen to me!!!!!!! :mad:

Am I being unreasonable to want to be told what is going on when it is me that is sorting everything out and Gav is Jean's next of kin?? :confused:



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Blue Gremlin.
It sounds as though you need to set up some sort of regular communication system with the social worker. Maybe you and Gav need to arange to meet with the SW and try and work something out.

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Mar 14, 2006
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Hiya, Blue Gremlin... Jean is NOT fending for herself, is she? You and Gav are taking on all the social/emotional responsibility even if not in hour-by-hour practical terms.....wish I could come up with something constructive to help....

Hope this humble hug helps a little,

Love, Karen (TF)


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Feb 14, 2005
Maybe its time to talk to the Senior Social Worker. Could be, there is a problem with the SW that needs to be sorted. Maybe her day is easier the less she has to report back.
You have a right to be kept informed and should not accept anything less.


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Oct 9, 2003
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Hi Blue Gremlin
if you are having problems with the SW,it the manager that you need to speak to.
It would help if you mentioned official complaint also.
Been there ,done it got the --------