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The Smile said it all


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Apr 3, 2013
Many years ago, my ex-partner and myself lived on a boat and did so for 20 years. Back in February this year I was sat talking with him and reliving old times and about living afloat and the smile on his face was amazing. I decided there and then to put the house on the market and move afloat again. Some people have said to me that its a crazy idea, what if he falls overboard etc etc.

Well the house is now sold and the right bought has been found and a deposit has been paid, I'm just waiting for the whole process to complete so by mid-august his and mine along with my new partner lives can begin.

To me it will be no different from living in a house, I spend my days constantly listening out and making sure he's OK so being on a boat will be no different, he will have is own cabin and bathroom, pressure pads will be located near any exits so he won't be getting out on his own anyway and when he is on deck which no doubt he will want to spend most of his time he will be wearing a lifejacket.

We've started packing the house up and we have made sure he has been included in everything regarding what to take, throw away and what to give to charity.

Whatever time my ex has left I'm going to make sure he enjoys himself and has a great time afloat.

I've given the past five years to caring for him and I will continue to care for until his last breath that and making him happy is a promise I made to him when it was the early stages and will always keep it.

David xx

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
It sounds wonderful. Well done. I hope you will reap the rewards of your unselfishness.