the right time for identity bracelets


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Nov 28, 2004
Although Mum doesn't need an identity bracelet at the moment (she tends to stay put, only doing things and leaving her home as instructed), I have read that it is best to think ahead as far as this is concerned. How and when did you all do this,if at all, and at what stage? All I know at the moment is that if Mum did ever find herself off course, she really wouldn't have the faintest idea of how to get back. I would value your thoughts, as I also read that things can change very suddenly. Would it be silly to have a word with the local policeman as well, just in case?! What did you all do?

Many thanks.


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Mar 7, 2004
Lulu, from my own experience I found great peace of mind once Lionel started to waer his idenity bracelet. I think of it this way, should we both be involved in an accident, or something happen to his transport to the day centre, he is covered.

Lionel is also diabetic, so it is peace of mind in many ways. As to having a word with the local policeman, I have always been open, with neighbours, shopkeepers, librarian etc. These days it is extremely unlikely that he will get lost, due to very reduced mobility, but I feel we have covered most aspects.
Regards, Connie


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Mar 23, 2005
Hi Lulu,

My husband is an insulin-dependent diabetic and has a wrist-strap to alert medical professionals to his condition should he not be able to speak for himself.

His strap was provided by Medic Alert:

The Alzheimer's Association in the US has a programme called "Safe Return":

but I can't find any details of such a service in the UK at the moment.

Take care,



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Mar 16, 2005
When Dad was still living at home, an identity bracelet would have been a great idea. During sun-downing he would leave the house to 'go home'. Mostly he found his way back, or we managed to find him, but once, he was lost for hours (it seemed even longer). The only problem I could see would have been trying to get him to keep it on as he would not have understood the significance.

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