The 'results' of our respite


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Feb 20, 2006
North West England
Hi Again,

I thought I'd post our respite 'results'...

Went far better than expected....

Family (in laws) we a little 'miffed' at me for doing it .... but so what ...
Why do I need a break? You do nothing but lay in bed all day ... you are so lucky?

I'm up at 7-30 most mornings to 'allow myself an hour all to myself'....
before my 'DAY' begins....
I do not have the opportunity to lay in bed alll day!!!!

(I had a call from one of them when he was 'away' ... with an offer of a 'bed' for hubby... instead of respite... WOW !!!

(Don't get 'excited'..... It was one of those 'fake .... I'm feeling guilty' offers...).

The type of house they live in is IMPOSSIBLE to visit ... let alone stay over.

While in respite hubby got himself lost ... over and over (Good !)

Told staff he was not getting his medication... (Good !)

Asked staff why he had not been fed? (Good !)

Hoarded everyones NEWSPAPERS... ( Good!)

'Pinched' boxes and boxes of tissues (Good !) WHAT IS IT WITH TISSUES?

Could not find the loo / bathroom (Good!)

I'm NOT being harsh at all.

It was my first opportunity for someone other thatn myself too experience what I do on a day to day basis....

First week back was a night mare....

EVERYTHING WE OWN was taken out of EVERY cupboard... etc etc....
Again and again....

He had major tantrums about me selling/ stealing etc...
Lying / cheating.....
He called me LOTS of terrible names..... OVER AND OVER...

Last week was a 'little' calmer....

Hopefully, next week will be a little better...

Take Care,



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Daisy,
Pleased the respite went well - when is the next one?


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Jun 27, 2006
Hi Daisy,

I'm new to this forum so thought I would say hello.

You sound as if you really needed that break! Hope things get better or at least a little easier for you in time.

I had to smile about the tissues - my Mum has recently moved into a nursing home and fills her hanbag with any tissues that are lying around. She seems to think they are edible.

Toilet rolls, too! At one stage she was handing toilet rolls out to everyone - she thought she was giving them cream cakes!



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Jun 3, 2006
Hi Daisy

I had to smile at the tissues and the toilet rolls. Whilst my mum was in the care home I'd find up to 5 toilet rolls in her bedside cabinet drawers. No wonder there were never any in the actual toilet...She started asking for lots of tissues as well..



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Mar 7, 2004
Hello Daisy, glad you had some respite...........whatever the outcome.

Thank you for your post, it tellls life as it really is. Take care now, love


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Mar 13, 2006
hi daisy

glad your respite went well, even though the week after sounds dreadfull!:eek: start looking forward to your next one now hope it will go easier for you.
take care x