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The other side


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Sep 16, 2005
My Dad is amazing!

According to scans he has a brain only a third of its original size and he just keeps on trying.

I'm amazed that he has the strength, I'm amazed when he can get a word out, I'm so proud of his ability to still walk. I'm humbled when he tries to say things even though his tongues twists around and stops him. I'm dumbfounded that he still knows how to sit down with my help. I'm delighted when I can put a biscuit in his hand and he remembers how to get it to his mouth. I'm proud when he moves his hands as if he were holding the cup i put to his mouth, even though he's not holding it. He fights unbelievable odds everyday. He is fantastic!

Even when he is yelling at something I can't see, and I worry about him, I'm so in awe of the fact that he is fighting for something.

Just thought I'd celebrate him instead of being caught up in all the things he can't do. I love to tell him how wonderful he is, and how he makes me proud I'm his daughter everyday.

What does your Dad/mum/husband/wife etc do to make you proud?


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Oct 11, 2005

Hi Nat,

I think that you sound pretty amazing too, you are obviously a positive person and you have given me food for thought!
I'm proud of my mum, the way that she loves my children no matter what (and they can be hard work even when you're not ill-believe me!)
It's easy to get caught up with the bad stuff about the illness, but you're right, they are still with us and fight harder every day.
I got married on the 16th September and although it was a tough day for my mum she was there with me and she said that I looked beautiful which meant the world to me.

Thank you.

MandyW :p


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Mar 7, 2004
Than you Nat, I guess a lot of us feel like that, but never vocalise in the same way.
I always tell everyone how proud I am of Lionel. I KNOW I would not be the fighter he is. When he has 'ggod times' he does try to tell me what life is like for him. When he first went to the day centre they had all sorts of proffessionals come to see him. They had never met anyone with such an insight into their own condition.
Life is very different now, but he still tries and I love him to bits - yes I am proud of him. Connie